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Silicon Valley In India

I wanna talk about the people in the Silicon Valley e.g., Bangalore or the startup hubs. Who these people are, how many talented people are there, are they more intelligent than me, will I be able to befriends with them easily, what do I have to do to lead a team of these highly intelligent people. These are all the question I ask myself, whenever I think about these tech hubs, where all the talent from all around the country is moving and building extra ordinary stuff, how would I be able to make my own place. Let me answer the above asked questions to myself so that It can make me more comfortable leading these people.

Most of these students and young engineers are from a very good college and are great graduated engineers. Most of these people are immensely talented definitely and have good knowledge of their work. To know if they are intelligent than you or not is a stupid question but still if you wanna know, I’d say that Intelligence is not defined by the amount of information you have inside your head, it’s about the amazing patterns you can create with the information you already have. If you can communicate your ideas better you will win even in the most competitive spaces in this world. I think that over the last 2 years I have really grown personality wise and yes of course I will be able to make good friends and even attract the best ones there to befriends with me. Moreover most people are nice and they are no harm to you as long you are kind and confident. To lead a team of highly skilled people, first of all, you need to be highly skilled yourself, not only in your field but also covering their knowledge areas as well. The only way you can lead these people is by doing something that most of them cannot and when these people will look up to you for guidance and information, you will be in a position to lead them.